Advanced Athlete Life Traits

Accountability, Discipline, Sacrifice & The Power Of Authenticity

What about these elements create the greatest change in people's lives – mind, body, and soul?


Placing accountability in our life is courageous. Courage is doing the hard thing in the midst of fear. Making a decision to go all in will help build your character day by day and moment by moment. Accountability is knowing you will have to show up for things as you would for work, school, or anything else you have committed to.

Accountability is not solely based on wanting to be held accountable for something or not. It is based on the fact that if you don't do what you say, you're not only wasting your time but someone else's. Many people have a habit of wasting their time and don't give too much thought about it; however, they are less likely to intentionally waste someone else's time.

With courage, you will place accountability in your life, look back, and be thankful you did.


Learning how to create balance in our own life will allow us to affect others ten times more –  through authenticity.

Authenticity starts with you and me. If we have done the work to get the log out of our own eye, then we can see clearly to direct someone who is going in a relative way. If we don't first go through it, who will believe us?

This creates change through time in our own life. But not just any kind of time – disciplined time. Have a keen awareness of living your life according to your priorities.

What are your priorities in life, and are you literally living your life according to them?

The advanced athlete's mindset is like this, not just in a physical race but even more in the race of life.

Do you know when to say no and when to say yes? Can you discern and methodically work out your day based on the importance of things in your life?

Authenticity draws seekers looking for the same. People want something real. When we see people in their fields of focus practicing what they preach, there is a desire to follow.


Discipline comes by being accountable through time.

Like any flourishing relationship we have with someone or something, this takes time. Time is what most struggle to find, except for the things that matter. We MAKE time for the people and things we love. We will show that it matters by our behaviors and discipline in putting those relationships first.

Putting other people first is a great thing, but the hazard with this is that sometimes it isolates your focus, preventing you from changing the areas of your life that keep you in the same place, with the same problems, with the same people. This leaves you drained and burnt out. You may want to help others, but you may not have the capacity or ability to help in the way you truly desire, or that is useful for the longevity of change.

There is a difference between a balanced me and a selfish me. Learning what is good for our life and what we should take backend must be known.

To serve others in the very best way, we must become good stewards of our time, body, and soul. They are interlinked, and you can't have one without the other.

As we work through accountability in our own lives through discipline, we learn the true meaning of example. It is a priceless thing to learn from the mistakes of others. When someone before you takes the wrong turn, so you don't have to, LISTEN! LEARN! What a glorious day to be able to take the shortcut. This is why I will always have a mentor in my life. Someone always a little beyond me in years and in wisdom who can help guide me in the unknown, unlived areas of my life.

Knowing what to do is the beginning of wisdom. But doing what you know is right is the ever-evading unicorn in many people's lives. The implementation of head knowledge is impossible without accountability, discipline, AND sacrifice.


Accountability and discipline are good; however, without sacrifice, you will never know the full depth of your potential and servitude.

Being disciplined is one thing, but inconvenience is a whole separate thing. Most times, change comes by stepping outside your comfort zone. Sacrifice is trading in what you want now for what you want MOST.

When your coach/mentor/trainer etc. tells you to do something that is contrary to everything that feels right to you, this may take the sacrifice of your pride, time, and even perhaps challenge the way you think. This mentality is not "resting" in accountability and discipline.

Your greatest step to achieving something beyond your comprehension is in sacrifice through the knowledge of authenticity.

You don't go to a sports doctor if you're having a baby; you go to a gynecologist. When you need help, you don't go to a person you just met, but rather someone you have known and trusted for years. You don't go to Google when you need a friend; you go to a person who has, through time, shown you their imperfect authenticity.

I say imperfect because no one is perfect, no one. It's good to remember and remind ourselves of this.

Those who choose the advanced athlete mindset will live their lives with accountability, discipline, and sacrifice. And they soon realize authentic people are inevitable and very little is impossible. You gravitate toward greatness, and all you have to do is take the lifeline.

Believe there are no coincidences in life, nor luck. Live your life through hard work, wisdom, and the shining bright lights in your life. Everyone has been given the opportunity to live free with purpose and meaning. Now go, take the hard road. Grab the authentic helping hands you have been given and live!☝🏾

If you would like help building in any area above, please reach out. There is another life to experience.

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