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It’s Just The Next Thing!

Almost Halfway There To Leadville 100!

The 50mile Badger was everything I thought it would be, it provided great grit, grind, perseverance and memories with great friends!

Placing a podium for my age group was not in the goal setting but hey when it happens you gotta love it! 🙂

So often after each difficult race or event takes place I see the thought of the question on peoples faces “why would you do that!?” I don’t think we are always aware with what’s going on with the totality of our being 😉 - A facial expression, body language, tone etc. all tell a story.

Hey, I get it! I remember 8 years ago when I heard about a guy in our gym that was doing Ironmans, I didn’t know what that was but when they told me I was blown away. I also went inward thinking “who would do that!?”. It was so beyond me at that point in every way.

It bothered me that I would even think that way initially and I wrestled with my response in my head. And of course in my heart.

Later revealing that still yet more pride was peeking through. Not in just being more committed in physical exercise but in my false understanding of his personal situation and what it took to get himself there.

He had dedicated himself to making better decisions in his life and he had, and the Ironman was just the next thing.

I never knew the full capability of my mind, body and soul all while having my high priorities in check -- such as life balance. But it was always a consistent focus knowing anything is possible with Christ. I believe that and always will share that reality.

When people ask sometimes without asking “why would you do that!?” This is my response. My “why”:

I train and always will in one way or another because it makes me feel pain. And that pain is there to remind me that I am alive, but most importantly a reminder of how difficult life can be at many unpredictable times.

Training is a metaphor for life in overcoming obstacles and keeping those potential problems from manifesting. Every day we put ourselves through a daily session that keeps us used to difficult things. May it be at home, our job, or in a race. So when that moment of great pain or hardship comes in life, because it will, I will be ready for it feeling more confident and capable.

Winning the war and not every battle, making a conscious decision to be better, picking myself up off the floor and watching my Lord and Savior meet me as I do; God does not give us overcoming life He gives us life as we overcome.

When I set out to do something, I win not because I come in first place or win every battle in every circumstance. I win because I’m not trying I’m training and I never give up.

I’m committed to commitment and not success. “Success” happens when we get lost in the journey.

When I say yes I mean it. When I say no, I mean it. I’m living my life according to my priorities.

Pain is not what we yearn for most but we all know through the pain there is something greater on the other side; there is purpose in pain and through the right perspective we can achieve victory like never before.

However, without the right perspective it is just pain which eventually becomes frustration, anger, sadness and thoughts of ending it all. I know and I remember it well, that is where I spent 15 hard years of my life and I’m never going back.

Happiness happens to us. Even though we may seek it, desire it, pursue it, etc., feeling happiness is not a choice we make. Joy, on the other hand, is a choice purposefully made. Happiness doesn't bring joy, and joy isn't the byproduct of happiness.

Choosing joy is not only a feeling but a choice, a decision to trust that Jesus is my true source of Joy. - “These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.” John 15:11

Making a decision to make war on those things that attempt to make war on me and my family means that I dread the thought of complacency. When I do and let my guard down, that leads right back to where I have been, not where I want to be…I’m always keeping myself a bit uncomfortable.

Life can be complex or I can make it simple, if we think we can or if we think we can’t we are right. I choose for my immediate and my training family to do the next thing, never growing old without a continuing reminder of what keeps us hungry and committed to what’s important in our life.

I am thankful for the incredible group we have and the ways it makes us better- thank you to all who rub shoulders with me day to day. I am forever grateful!!!

Special thanks to my wife Heather Davis and my kids. And Gregory G. Bogart, Rhonda Bogart, Lindsay Nienstedt, Diane and Todd Nybo for being there to accomplish amazing things and taking such great care of each other.

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