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One of the biggest aspects of keeping balance in our life is keeping our body and mind healthy. Having a healthy body builds self-confidence and self-efficacy and when we feel good about ourselves, we are able to do better at work, give more to our family and be a better person overall.

We strive to keep The Gym at SCE Fitness small, intentional, and personalized. This means that we cannot accept everyone. In order to keep our standard of quality and a positive and safe atmosphere, we have implemented an application for membership. Our lead coaches review the applications carefully and if The Gym seems like a good fit, applicants are invited to a complimentary consultation. 

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Try a Fit for Life or Performance Class FREE today when you Apply for Membership!

You will have the great opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best athletes in Spokane, the state, and the US – as we will be blessed to also rub shoulders with you. We all have a story and something unique to share with others!


Gym Membership
  •  "Setup and in the Door" - We provide a general workout regimen based on basic goals.
  •  We have 15 other Elite Team members that will help give you an experience bar none.
  •  Basic Open Hours
    ◦ Mon/Wed/Fri 5-10am, 3-5pm
    ◦ Tues/Thurs 5-10am
    ◦ Sat 7-10am
    ◦ Closed Sunday
  •  50% OFF access to performance monitoring system (Myzone).
  •  Tryout 3 FREE Group Training Classes

Full Group Training

Gym Membership
  •  1 Free Smoothie (daily)
  •  Full Body Composition Check-Ins (every 4 to 6 weeks)
  •  50% OFF Access to Performance Monitoring Systems (Myzone/Pnoe/Hypoxia)
  •  24hr access to the gym.
  •  Classes on the Hour: 5-9am, 3-5pm
  •  Group Training that feels like a 1 on 1.
  •  Full Access to SCE Fitness app that will help keep you on track of your success, present and future goals.
  •  Unique Modified exercises to each persons needs: Hybrid, Functional, CrossFit, BFR, OCR (Spartan..), Parkour, ANW and many others.
  •  Access to 80+ Obstacles
  •  Pay for a Year in Advance - Optional

INCLUDED: Showers/towels and everything you need to go to work brand new and shiny!

FYI - As a precautionary we want to make sure you feel safe at all times and the gym is secure as it is. We have full video coverage to make sure everyone is safe.

Personalized 1 on 1

Training Sessions
  •  Everything from full group training included.
  •  Take out 100% of any guess work. Work completely one on one with a highly educated, professional trainer – including nutrition and injury prevention
  •  By Appointment
  •  Discount pricing with 3, 6, & 12 month purchase.
The Gym

Spokane Fitness Classes & Training

With a variety of fitness options, there is a place for everyone here! Our programs meet you where you are to maximize your success and surpass your goals!

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Personalized Fit4Life Class

Whether you are just getting off the couch or are looking for a place to perfect your technique, this is a great place to be! This class is filled with a community of people who are like-minded and are looking for positive change both in and out of the gym for the rest of their life! No matter what level of fitness you are in, this class is tailored to your specific needs. 

Open Class Times
6 Week Check-Ins
Free Smoothie Bar

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
5:00am-9:30am; 3:30pm-6:30pm

Invest in Your Health Today!

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Personal Training

Learn correct technique and surpass your goals with a personal trainer. We help you develop a strategy that will not only give you a sense of peace but will promote your body's efficiency keeping long-lasting injury at bay and energy levels higher throughout the day.

This provides greater performance, a sleeker body, and elevated confidence in and out of the gym, while also providing anchors that will keep you interested and forever gaining new peaks of fitness!

One on One training is a great place to begin or take your fitness to the next level and learn more about yourself and your capabilities. Finding the right trainer is absolutely essential to effective growth in the least amount of time.

By Appointment Only 

OCR Training

OCR Training

Training for an OCR race or simply want to monkey around on the obstacles? Obstacles are an innovative way to help you do more than just reach your fitness goals.

Here at SCE Fitness we will develop techniques to help develop the body with purposeful fun keeping injury at bay and in many cases getting rid of others. We use obstacles to develop the core of our physical, mental and spiritual self... having a innovative program helps us to enjoy our therapy and healthy lifestyle more throughout the years to come.


Parkour Training

Parkour Training

Facing your fears isn't easy. But overcoming fear is part of a balanced, healthy life.

Fluent Motions Parkour will help you learn movement skills for adapting to new environments naturally. We teach coordination between your body and mind allowing you to push your limits and reach new heights. We aspire to make you confident in your abilities and to help you face your fears.


Triathalon Training

Triathlon Training

Triathlon Training is not just for running races. It has the potential, with the right program, to expedite your overall training for any goals that you may have.

The more different kinds of aerobic training, the greater the overall consumption of oxygen through the body building greater vents within your capillaries leaving the body breathing most efficiently. The way the body grows exponentially is keeping it free from negative stress. This adds up if there is no intentional release of tension placed upon the body through most exercise routines.

Tri Training has the potential with the right program to expedite your overall training in more specific S.A.I.D (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) Programs. Meaning if your focus is to become a faster swimmer, biker, runner etc...tri training can develop your body much quicker with less injury while also giving you a variety of different physical elements you will have a hard time getting tired of. 


What to Expect

Our programs meet you where you are to maximize your success and surpass your goals!

Showers, towels, and a free smoothie bar that you will fully enjoy!!
Access to heart rate monitor systems that will challenge each individual to accomplish your monthly tasks and reward prizes at the end of each month.
You will have motivated immovable accountability partners to keep you moving in the direction you've originally set out for.
Access to hypoxic training in elevation to promote exponential growth.

Want to Change 4 Life?

We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and oftentimes we fail. Our goal is to change your view on fitness so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

SCE Fitness, Spokane, WA

Our Goal

Create balance for YOUR overall health and wellness at SCE Fitness!

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