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With God's help, we will choose what we want most over what we want now.

Too often we start something we had every intention to journey through, but life too often takes its toll.

The problem is we have developed a trying mindset and mentality.

We must stop trying and start training!

When we are trying we are acting according to our feelings. When we are training we act according to our commitment.

Trying is just a false hope & half-hearted attempt. Trying implies a plan to fail.

Trying is hoping you become somebody you're not, when you are training you become more of what you already are.

Training is doing what I can do today to enable me to do even more tomorrow.

My Identity: Who do we want to become? The answer to this question is my fight power which increases my motivation to be who I desire to be. With proper motivation we can tap into our ability and gifting and finally we gain the results we never thought we could...

Run As To Win!

When you're training you have intentionality, a focus, a plan, a defined purpose.

Agonizomai - The root word is agonize - to contend for victory, to strain every nerve toward the goal.

So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing, I discipline my body like an athlete training to do what it should...1 Cor 9:26-27

Showing up is winning. You're not trying, your training. One day at a time...count the victories for what they are and celebrate those victories so you will remember them.

Those of us who are training and not trying, we are incredible warriors- building confidence in yourself and others...

No more shame or guilt in training, don’t look for perfection, look for growth, and remember it.

Well done my good and FAITHFUL servant - so when you run, run to win. We are not trying, we are training.

Stop trying and start training today my friends - one day at a time!

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