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Here at SCE Fitness, we understand that physical fitness is just one aspect of a healthy body. To experience balance in all facets of life, sometimes that means rearranging, learning, or healing other areas of the body other than just physical.

That's why we have re-purposed our vision and have added several whole body coaching elements such as counseling in finance and nutrition, biblical discipleship, sports medicine, and more. Our desire is to meet you where you are and to encourage you to go deeper. May it be physical, spiritual, nutritional, or mental, we have the coaches to accomplish.

Life is hard, and living in the midst of a pandemic can really add to the stress and weariness. We are here to come alongside you, guide, encourage and help you dig up roots of past failures, learn to overcome any and all obstacles and be able to live a life full of passion and joy through balance. With practical tools you can live your live according to your priorities.

We desire most of all for you to experience life in the fullest as you overcome life's hardships and together we can and we will!

Gym Membership

Achieve your fitness goals and become a member.

Online Training

Fitness workouts and exercise training programs.

Sports Medicine

Injury prevention and training.

Performance Training

Hypoxic Training and more!


Find supplements, apparel, and more!


Counseling and learn how to improve your diet.

Biblical Conseling

Christ-centered coaching ministry.

Financial Counseling

Financial services and coaching.

Want to Change 4 Life?

With a variety of fitness and health options, this is a place for everyone here! Our programs meet you where you are to maximize your success and surpass your goals.

SCE Fitness, Spokane, WA

Our Goal

Create balance for YOUR overall health and wellness at SCE Fitness!

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