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OCR & Performance Group Training

**It takes approximately 2-4 weeks of consistency in the gym to pair you with the perfect personalized class for you. Our initial comprehensive assessment will allow us to gather the information needed to begin this process. The first few weeks are critical days that give you the foundation, confidence and abilities to work up and into the performance classes.

**Remember most of all, each day is designed to meet you where you're at physically, mentally and emotionally. Every exercise has a modification, every pain has a way out and every question matters!

With structure, discipline and perseverance the impossible becomes possible!

Each workout is designed to work out your body through multiple disciplines increasing overall ability, durability and efficiency.


(Re-activation Prime Day): This is where you are preparing your body for the rest of the week. To be at your best means we need to start slow and allow our body the time to adapt to higher levels of difficulty. This class will provide your body a full comprehensive routine that will engage every muscle group, cardiovascular recruitment and overall feelings of well being at the end.


This is our first tough day of the week where we attack the track and hills while alternating through the year with bulgarian bag carries, hill sprints and other performance enhancing exercises to increase speed, agility and heavy carry  abilities…by the end of the day you will have recruited slow, fast and type 2B muscle fibers giving your body the best capacity to perform at your body’s peak potential through the rest of the week.


This is our OCR/Deka/Hyrox/CrossFit/ANW…and many other types of exercises day that we use to perform endurance obstacle proficiency. To be able to perform obstacles well, you need to know how to do them with your body in an aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) state, while under intense muscle To do this takes precision, proven strategies and solid programming which is unloaded in every class session.


This is a day to rest, recover, and apply your nutrition. You have done a lot up to this point and your body needs a break. Let your body heal and prepare for the second part of the week. **Rest days vary depending on your level of fitness and goals.


This is Endurance Hypertrophy day where we take bigger breaks at the right time, engage the muscle at its depth and fatigue your muscles completely from head to toe. This is a unique process and must be done with your coach the first couple times through.


This is the day we put it all together. This day will test you as will any race. We will help build your confidence in the strategy of stacking. Stacking is how our endurance athletes train, building throughout the week each day in efficiency, capabilities, effectiveness, confidence and so much more…Saturdays are a 2 hour minimum workout where everything through the week comes up with a couple new areas of focus. Being ready for anything is a character trait that must be trained. Greatness does not happen by luck, it takes hard, disciplined and skilled work. There is no guessing, it’s precise and it works if you work it. Come in with that mindset and you will soar!


This is your 1 hour active “rest” day. You can swim, run, bike…but in the proper zones. This is made easy with our monitoring systems. Each individual's zones are tracked making sure you have the correct effort level so that when Monday comes, you're ready to re-activate and build on the foundation of each week. By the time you get to the top of your performance availabilities there will be little you can’t see. It’s a journey!

Excercising at Altitude

Hypoxic Training

Improve muscular endurance and increase fitness through intensified aerobic and anaerobic training sessions. Training under intermittent hypoxia optimally prepares an individual for competition at altitude or sea-level by improving breathing economy, and the ability to stay saturated with oxygen whether they are in Death Valley or the Rocky Mountains.

Feel less fatigued and recover quicker which leads to increased training intensity and physiological adaptation. 

Fighter Training Mask - Altitude Training in Spokane
Hypoxico Altitude Training System - Performance

Why does Hypoxic Training Matter?

The mechanism by which altitude training works is simple. In applications of all varieties, the key limiting factor to success is a person's ability to carry and metabolize oxygen. Because oxygen is the primary source of energy production for human cells, exposure to altitude or hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) introduces a new challenge that the body must confront and adapt to in order to maintain homeostasis. Increase your endurance and performance.

  • Hypoxico’s patented technology can help you obtain the benefits of altitude training no matter where you are in the world.
  • These systems allow for the delivery of a hypoxic environment in three different forms, each providing its own physical benefits for enhanced oxygen delivery by the body.
  • Prolonged Passive Exposures Stimulate the production of the hormone erythropoietin (EPO) while simultaneously improving breathing economy and the ability to tolerate lactate.
  • Short Passive Exposure Improve breathing economy and the ability to buffer lactate.
  • Short Training Exposures Improves muscular endurance and increases fitness through intensified aerobic and anaerobic training sessions.

Learn More about how Hypoxic Training at The Gym can benefit you!

Myzone heart rate monitor - fitness goal tracking
Heart Rate Monitor


The world's first interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors or in water. Track your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist.

  • Wear it your way for comfort and convenience
  • Built-in memory and up to six months' battery life
  • Dual-sensor technology with ECG and PPG tracking

Myzone levels the playing field of fitness, sport and physical activity for a community experience where everyone’s invited to play. Reward your effort and feel good, inside and out, every time you get in the zone.

SCE Fitness utilizes MyZone software to help track your fitness progress so you can work out smarter, not harder.

Want to Change 4 Life?

We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and oftentimes we fail. Our goal is to change your view on fitness so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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