Exercise Precision

Exercise Precision has a psychological brain component

Exercise is often described as precise because it involves performing specific movements and activities in a structured and intentional manner, with the goal of achieving particular outcomes.

For example, if you want to build strength in your legs, you might perform exercises like squats or lunges that target those muscles specifically.

In addition to being precise in terms of the movements performed, exercise can also be precise in terms of the way it is prescribed and programmed. For instance, a personal trainer might create a workout plan for a client that includes specific exercises, sets, and reps, with the goal of achieving certain fitness or performance outcomes.

Overall, the precision of exercise helps ensure that it is effective and efficient in achieving its desired outcomes, whether those are related to health, fitness, or performance.

Exercise precision is not based on working harder, guessing or trying. Growth is rather a psychological component that is needed even before getting up and moving.

If we want to change for life for the rest of our life, we have to do something different. Most times it's the exact opposite we feel it is.

Growth is based on training, building a good relationship with what has been broken in the past, not based on our feelings first but the program that has been put in place for the individuality and uniqueness of each person.

If nothing changes, nothing changes and we should not expect greater achievements.

We are not trying, we are training.

This shift in thinking can take the weight off our shoulders in feeling we need to be perfect through training and keep us from feelings of shame, guilt and the frustration of not doing what we had hoped.

We are not trying, we are training.

Actually we must fail, to learn. Our life doesn’t get better on the mountain tops like we wish it did. It gets better as we open ourselves up to it and learn how we failed so that those obstacles, hardships, and insanity of the world, where we just want to close our eyes, catch our breath, and hold on with dear life, becomes something completely different.

If we are looking intentionally for what can be gleaned from these difficulties, perseverance begins to grow and it eventually matures into greater character, better conversations, more peace, and less drama as drama is and will always be all around us-you just don’t feel it as much.

The good news is there is a system which I call building our fight power. Going from the defense of life to the offense - where we see ourselves literally winning in life.

Coaching the physical body is easy once the mind and soul have been fully engaged, activated, and understood with the program and a specific plan of attack based on your past, current and future goals.

Not application, knowing what to do, but implementation of how to do. Actual rubber meeting the road with a literal day to day, hour by hour plan, living our life according to our priorities.

We push people away and isolate the more frustrated, sad, and hurt we are, but we are not trying we are training. You can’t undo greatness and all you have done to get this far.

So, remember we are not trying to be perfect. We are learning to build a good relationship through time. Because it takes time, a great coach, great programming, like-mindedness of overcoming with others and an atmosphere that desires to achieve what seemingly seemed impossible.

We are not trying, we are training. So, keep training and keep growing and putting your best foot forward - let your cup overfill and serve others well!

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