4 Tips for Finding the Best Success In A Gym for Your Lifestyle & For Your Life!

Be Stronger than your excuses - find the best success in a gym for your lifestyle.

Let’s keep this short and to the point!

If we want to exceed our past abilities and move into a greater degree of learning, we must be willing to have courage in the midst of fear. When courage is met with your willingness to GO, here are 4 areas that will help make it stick and stick for good!

1. Get Yourself Some Accountability!

Accountability is the literal key that unlocks the door towards accomplishing your goals. That’s step one.

Step two is keeping your accountability partner. Failing will happen, but never quit something you start. You started for a reason so keep going and you will reveal a greater understanding of your character and what you get from persevering will produce something money cannot buy.

When you don’t let your feelings dictate your choices in life, good habits provide incredible results over time. Not just in the gym but in all you do.

Subconscious confidence is the foundation from which life takes a positive organic path. I’ll get more into this on my next blog, but all we need to know here, is we want to build a good relationship from which we haven’t. And let our focused time take us to a place we truly believe and trust.

2. Take Out The Negative Nancys!

Stop hanging out with the same people who keep dragging you down or keeping you where you are. Find the group that challenges you! Like Mamma says, “you are who you hang around”. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. This does not mean you can’t be around Negative Nancys or people that have a hard time influencing others to do good and go further in life. No, however, it is good to get the healing you need so you can handle those conversations and situations with maturity; perhaps even leading others to a greater life.

3. Put In The Positive Pattys!

Positive people aren’t people who let you stay where you are but help you get where you want to go. True “Friends” are not people who say they will be there for you but when that moment arises that you need them, they aren’t there! We don’t let people go down the path that leads to the same place or nowhere. Sometimes we have to speak with truth, love and compassion for the situation. Friends keep us growing up and continue reaching for our full potential!

Share in similar goals NOT so much like-mindedness! Though being like-minded helps us to feel smart, safe and secure, it also keeps us from being creative, in touch with the reality of the world and ultimately keeps us from growing up. It serves me well to hang out with people with great minds, with open minds — who have different views, opinions, interests, experiences to my own — because that is how I’m going to learn and grow. And learning and growing is the name of the game. We MUST have the right people that surround us, that are similar in integrity, growth and longevity of life, not so much in like-mindedness. We want to share our lives growing with different kinds of people.

4. Surround Yourself With Armstrong Atmospheres! (not to be confused with Lance Armstrong;)

I had someone come in last year who was unbelievably blind-sighted by how sweet everyone was when she walked in and how different this experience was than any other gym she had been in, ever! When we got through the consultation, she said, “This is exactly where I need to be!” I said, “Yes, I think you’re right!” “But” she said…

In that moment we all have less than a second to choose what is best or, unfortunately, what’s easiest. We give into justification, rationalization and self sabotage that most people are unaware of unless you have a counseling degree. We have what is called a half second of indecision, we will either take the road less traveled, leading to victory, or the road that is broad that leads to a slow death. That road is made easy for a reason…

You know when you step into a good solid space, it just feels right. Don’t stop looking until you find that. Do NOT settle! A good gym is rare but they really do exist. If you have spent your life in big box gyms you may not know what you’re missing with a close-knit group. We are all learning how to be more authentic with one another through difficult workouts, obstacle in life, not trying harder but training… it takes practice each day. Through perseverance there is something greater waiting for you on the other side. Don’t second guess it, those opportunities only come so often in life, take it when you get it. It’s the difference between being good and being unbelievable!

Finally, know this: the true test comes when you really need something, not when you want it. The hardships are there to test you to see how bad you really do need it - proper acceptations will lead to long terms results.

Remember - If It Does Not Challenge You, It Will Not Change You!

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