Why Does Functional Fitness Matter?

Functional Fitness - Why does it matter?

At SCE Fitness there is nothing more important than injury prevention. You will never get to your goals if you continue to get injured.

Knowing how to get ahead of problematic issues before they arise is truly an incredible element to learn in fitness. A big reason for people quitting in the middle of their fitness journey is not a character flaw, it is injuries. A key pillar to long term success, longevity and confidence for now and in the future, is knowing how to work through and keeping injury from happening so often.

Functional fitness matters because it teaches you how to move your own body through proper biomechanics, not just physical movement but also a psychological effect.

Building Our Body On A Firm Foundation

Working the physical aspect of functional training is building our body on a firm foundation and not on sinking sand. If you can move your own body well with your own body weight, your stabilizers, joints, and ligaments are supported and muscles are ready for the next stage of training- exercise is precise and the process is priceless.

A lot of times my elite athletes will desire to be faster looking for the key ingredient that is missing. Sometimes it is a speed element that is lacking and it is good to train that lagging system within the body, however, most times that is NOT the case.

To be the best we are, we need to know where we are right now, we need to know how to get that person out.

Shockingly, to contrary belief, it’s not in trying harder or doing more.

It’s getting deep sleep, eating strategically, proper rest and recovery through a balanced exercise regimen through consistency and time. While in doing so, your results will far outweigh your ability when you have limited sleep, mediocre nutritional choices and imbalanced exercise regimen.

You don’t put 87 leaded gasoline in a commercial airplane carrying hundreds of people. No, no, you put in a specialized gas that helps this incredible machine fly the way it was designed.

How much more incredible is the body? Well it’s much more complex and its full potential is well beyond our comprehension. Nevertheless our bodies were made to be understood through time, good stewardship and implementation of them.

You can’t give what you don’t have. When we embark on making better life choices i.e. getting to bed earlier, you sleep better. When you sleep better, you heal faster – mind, body and soul. When you eat correctly according to your goals you feel better and you're able to accomplish, oh my gosh, so much more!

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

When you have better balance in your functional fitness routine, your body has more energy, your body feels better and your mind feels motivated and encouraged. Even without training yourself to think more positively, it happens subconsciously. At the right time you can then go hard when you need to. This gives you muscle breakdown far greater, giving you much more ability and the results you have always yearned for.

You used to get mediocre results but now you're far exceeding anything you did even perhaps, when you were young. Many of my clients who are in their 50’s and 60’s have a hard time grasping that this concept of training was never taught to them when they were young.

“Where was this training when I was growing up?”

It was there but only the very elites knew, though it had a trickling effect, the general consensuses was they were not very fond of sharing…

Now that Google has come, you can access basically any information you desire. However, like any recipe that is amazing, it has to go through some refining. It is a process to develop the very best product. Grandma's cookies didn’t happen overnight, it’s a precise process that takes time, love and care to perfect.

You can have great information in general but not know how it works for you and your needs, mostly in context with this message in how to develop your body most effectively and efficiently.


You didn't just happen to marry your spouse by chance, that took time. And like anything that matters, we spend countless hours perfecting that relationship, communicating, and learning one another.

Building a good relationship with functional fitness training through time is the core where the greatest changes are made and made for good. Change for life for the rest of our life.

I’m not saying you will never struggle from time to time, but as a healthy relationship grows, you can go through anything and bounce back building stronger bridges as you persevere. You're never going back to the ebb and flow of starting something you never finish.

When each person gives me their heart and trust and believes the process, they go from feeling the next step is impossible to places they couldn’t imagine.

It’s not trying harder, it’s training properly according to your needs.

It’s a matter of knowing where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go in the near future. It’s a courageous group of people, surrounded by passionate professional coaches who listen to your needs, wants and desires, who know how to build your steps to get you to your goals and beyond.

This process of functional fitness builds on itself in your physical movements but like we discussed even more in your thought processing - the way we live our life.

The “Little” Things

We are not trying harder, we are training with precision. With many years of knowledge and even more implementation of the “little” things, we gain confidence for the bigger things.

Making your bed in the morning gives you confidence for the more complex things of the day. Without the easy things, the harder things seem more difficult than they have to be.

Always start with the little things, let them build you up as training your body through functional fitness, properly moving your body through space. Get strong internally and share your functionally fit conceptual mind, body and soul with the world – with those whom you love.

You will find more victory in the big “little” things of life rather than searching for the “big” thing that never comes.

I say “little” because these ARE the big things. When we put accountability, discipline, consistency and sacrifice in our life through time imperfectly, you will find the big things happening over and over again.

Ready to start functional fitness training?

Let's do this journey together and live to your full potential.

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